Ever heard of someone refer to their thoughts as a Monkey Mind? The Monkey Mind is a Buddhist term for a mind that is unsettled or disturbed, thoughts that can be restless, whimsical and uncontrollable. 


Mindful Monkeys uses Yoga and Meditation to gain control over the Monkey Mind. Mindfully connecting breath and movement to become conscious of your thoughts, your physical body and your subconscious self. 

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Mikeala Ainsworth  

Yoga Teacher | Doula | Pilates Instructor

Hey, this is me! All these labels but what I really do is hold space.
For you to be who you are, to allow you to be who you want to be.
I've been teaching yoga in Ipswich since 2018 but practicing for 8. I love to teach Pregnancy and Postnatal classes, through these classes I have found my passion for supporting women in pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 
My most recent training to become a Holistic Doula brings me closer to this passion. My job as a Doula is to listen, hold space, love, empower and give informative and judgment free support in preparation and during labour.
Holistic Doula - taught by Jo Spies
200hr Yoga Teacher - Santosha Yoga
50hr Post + Pre-Natal Yoga - One Family Yoga
35hr Restorative Yoga - One Family Yoga
30hr Post + Pre-Natal & Childrens + Teens - Santosha Yoga
Pilates Teacher - Zama Yoga & Pilates 
Hypnobirth Supportive Caregivers - Hypnobirthing Australia with Mother Moon
Reiki Level 1 - taught by Shannon Byron
Yoga Wheel Pose

Doula Package

3 Antenatal Meetings

~ Discuss Birth Plan

~ Talk through previous births or any fears from you or your partner

~ Learn about labour, what happens, the risks and benefits of common interventions and any alternative options

~ How can your partner support you through labour, discussing their fears and role during birth

~ Judgment free support and more

On call for labour from 38 weeks.

From when you need me during labour until 2-3 hours after birth

~ Support during labour can be physical, emotional or mental support for you and your birthing partner. I have a range of tools to be able to support you through birth.

~ Advocate for you, your birth plan

~ Support for Golden Hour and Breastfeeding 

~ Settling you and your partner in with your new babe until you feel I am no longer needed

2 postnatal visits

~In home support in the first week or two after birth

Your investment usually $1500

ON SALE for $650* 

*Student Doula prices

Classes & Contact


The Yoga Hall at Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa

Located on Waghorn Street behind Firestation 101 behind the Blue Door.

A range of Yoga and Pilates including some child friendly classes. 

Check out the timetable and make your reservation in a class.

Intro offer for new students.. $49 for 28 day unlimited classes!

ANYTIME FITNESS RIPLEY2/20 Main Street, Ripley

Monday 6am Express Pilates & Friday 6pm Yin Yang Yoga

(AF members only)


Pregnancy Yoga at Ipswich Massage's Yoga Hall on Monday evenings. 5 week blocks begin with the start of, and half way through school term. Bookings essential, click here to secure your place.  $99 for the 5 week block.

Mindful Birthing Workshop at Ipswich Massage's Yoga Hall 

Saturday 29th August, 10am-5pm.

This workshop is designed for you and your birthing partner to get to know our body, learn about labour and birth with active birth tools, birth plan guide and yoga and mindfulness.

Bookings Essential, investment only $199 per couple.

Get in touch

PHONE MIKEALA: 0437 420 426


EMAIL: contact@yogamindfulmonkeys.com

Mindful Mikeala: Yoga, Doula, Pilates

Mindful Mikeala

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